About the Animatopedia project


Gender equality is a human right and prevents violence against women and girls. Members of the LGBTQA community also suffer gender bias in all areas of public and private life. At the same time, many migrants, refugees, and asylum-seeking women and girls have been exposed to various forms of gender-based violence, either in their country of origin, during the journey to Europe, or upon arrival. Due consideration should be given to their needs and circumstances and gender-responsive measures should be adopted to prevent discrimination, violence, harassment, trafficking, and other forms of exploitation and abuse – including in times of crisis and natural disasters.

The ANIMATOPEDIA project advocates that educating youth about gender equality, both online and offline, is important, as being aware of gender equality can prevent violence against women and girls, sex-based discrimination, and (sexual) harassment, including digital harassment. The project will create knowledge on the topic of gender equality, both online and offline, and foster the behavioral change and the integration of a gender perspective into everyday life, for young people. All these, in a fun, interesting way, that will attract young people and keep them engaged.


ANIMATOPEDIA aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Prevent and redirect sex-based discrimination and (sexual) harassment, including digital harassment, and promote gender equality among young people through education.
  • Combat sexism and gender stereotypes in the young generation through education.
  • Advance and empower women in general, migrant and refugee women, and the LGBTQA community.
  • Eradicate sex-based discrimination through fun education.
  • Improve knowledge on state of the art in partner countries.
  • Create an enabling environment for youth and youth workers.

Target groups

Direct target groups:
  • Young people between the ages 18 – 30: Age groups known as Millennials and Generation Z are the first target group of ANIMATOPEDIA, especially those on the edge of being discriminated and/or discriminating against other individuals on the ground on sex or sexual orientation.
  • Youth Workers and Youth Trainers: Promoting youth education on gender equality through the work of youth workers and trainers is crucial at European level. Training youth workers and trainers is important because it educates them on the online and offline skills they need to become valuable educators of young people in need of orientation regarding gender equality, sex-based discrimination, and (sexual) harassment.
Indirect target groups:
  • NGO volunteers, youth education staff, and women organisation staff: ANIMATOPEDIA also targets the needs of NGO volunteers, youth education staff, and women organisation staff regarding the project, through the publications, digital and non-digital resources, and dissemination activities, aiming to provide them with expertise in the field of youth.


ANIMATOPEDIA is innovative because it brings a newer perspective of sex-based discrimination, (sexual) harassment, and gender equality education, both online and offline, aiming to train young people and youth workers on the topic. Accordingly, it will develop new products that will better fit the target group. It also offers the target groups the opportunity to make connections among gender and certain thematic areas such as migration, peace and security; sexual and reproductive health; sexual and gender diversity and human rights; and violence against women.