Piloting & Training

Brief description

We aim to create an enabling environment for youth and youth workers through pilot-testing the digital resources, and training youth workers. Through testing and providing feedback for the digital and non-digital resources, real users will validate the objective testing of the resources, including design, running, feedback on the content, how they perform etc. These tasks will help to receive valuable feedback, fix possible errors, bugs, and other issues that may arise.The purpose is to improve the resources and reach the target groups directly. 
At the same time, youth workers/trainers will be trained on how to use both digital and non-digital resources in their work. In the long run, these tasks will ensure that the general objectives of the project are met, as well as direct engagement with target groups, with the shared vision of preventing and redirecting sex-based discrimination and (sexual) harassment and promoting gender equality among young people; combating sexism and gender stereotypes through education; and advancing women's rights.