Methodological approach

Brief description

The purpose of this output is to create a baseline data collection that will gather background information that is essential to determine the requirements, gaps, and needs, for building adequate digital tools on the topics of sex-based discrimination, (sexual) harassment, and gender equality for youth. Accordingly, a specific objective is to promote equality and non-discrimination through bringing about and/or improving the knowledge on the state of the art on gender equality and discrimination in the partner countries.

This will be achieved through the collection and sharing of data and information (including real stories and examples) in the partner countries of young people aged 18 – 30, at national levels; and will build upon the EU and the Council of Europe's acquis on gender equality. It will also propose guiding principles to help the partner countries navigate in the gender equality framework of each country and will help stakeholders, including local youth organisations, government at national, regional and local levels, to understand these guiding principles.