TIA Formazione - IT

TIA Formazione (Italy)

Tia Formazione was founded in 2011. It is a non-profit organisation registered in Italy with operational headquarters in Brussels. Since its foundation, Tia Formazione has been promoting European Union policies aimed at young people and adults, particularly in the field of education. It develops targeted training projects on European project topics or aimed at acquiring skills to be spent in the labour market, strengthening soft skills or through labour market orientation projects.

The main projects focus on the development of a new approach to leadership based on authenticity, projects on migration aimed at enhancing the added value of migration and social inclusion, promotes media literacy and all activities whose aim is to create a bridge to the labour market also in the field of entrepreneurship.

TIA Formazione promotes, organizes meetings and cultural, artistic and recreationalactivities, both with initiatives organized on its own, and giving its contribution to similar events and initiatives organized by others, participate in calls for European projects, participate in regional calls, promote international training activities and cultural interest in general, publish texts with cultural and internal growth; - promote exchanges of experiences and activities with similar national and foreign organizations - to organise specific training courses on European and international topics addressed to adults andnstudents of public and public schools of all levels, always updated on eu policies and developments.